ZingoHub helps creators and innovators from diverse backgrounds fulfil their journey of becoming leading entrepreneurs. We support indie brands, designers, artists, filmmakers, musicians and other like-minded people, connect with a community of enthusiastic and loyal backers.


Our mission is simple - we want anyone with a passion to create or innovate, be able to maximise their potential and live their ideas.


Our dynamic community of creators, innovators and backers is super special to us. People on ZingoHub come from different walks of life, and all of them have the foresight to see the world as a much cooler place.

What makes us different

We're not a typical crowdfunding platform. We see ourselves as more of a ‘Hub’ where we get involved at every step be it conceptualising, validating or generating early sales for an idea that evolves into a product or brand. We also have the resources and tools to help creators and innovators become disruptive entrepreneurs.

At ZingoHub, we provide you the opportunity to create your own universe.

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