What we do?

Let us know about your idea before you start a crowdfunding campaign.
We will help you in preparing a detailed plan starting from pre-launch to post launch.
If you already have a plan, we will review it for you so that your campaign gets a professional look and feel.
We publish your crowdfunding campaign page and showcase it to a diverse community.
We assist you in getting the best out of your existing campaign so that it gets the reach it deserves.
We provide a campaign score based on a various factors that reflect the probability of your campaign being successful.

How we do it?

Creative and compelling content is critical to any crowdfunding campaign being successful. Content that engages with the audience and has the ability to persuade people to back your project. With Jumpstart Guru, we help you in communicating your campaign message across to your target audience in the most effective manner by making use of the following:

Copywriting: Crafting the perfect copy for your existing or upcoming campaign on ZingoHub.

Flow: Creating and managing content that flows through your campaign page.

Layout: Arranging written content on your campaign page so that it's a pleasure to read.

Rewards: Structuring rewards levels that you can possibly offer for backing your campaign.

E-mail templates: Coming up with compelling content for marketing your campaign via e-mail.
Design as we see is intelligence made visible. You should treat your crowdfunding campaign page as your website as long as the campaign is live. And if you’re newbie when it comes to design, worry not! Allow our team of artists and graphic designers to get in the driving seat, so that your campaign page is looked after with utmost care and consideration. When it comes to giving a visual appeal to your campaign, we will help you with the following:

Collateral: Creating collaterals for promoting your project on social media and other relevant channels.

Layout: Giving your campaign the look that attracts eye-balls and engages with potential backers.

Infographics: Designing infographics for your campaign/product and educating potential backers.

Calls to Action: Creating success through call-to-action buttons and get backing for your campaign.

Logo: Giving your brand an identity by designing an awesome logo, which highlights your brand message.
By visual appeal, we don't just mean design. Your crowdfunding pitch video is the most important element when it comes to raising funds from people outside your family and friend circle. It’s the pitch video that influences people to click on ‘Back This Project’ button. Moreover, a wall of text has a tendency to shoo away potential backers. It's high quality images that do the talking. So, if you’re looking for visual assistance that involves heavy camera work and a technical crew, we're here to help you out! Let the creative minds in our team take over. With their vast experience and the right eye for cutting edge technology, your crowdfunding campaign is sure to get heavy dose of visual appeal. We can help you with the following:

Photography: Shooting and editing high quality photos to give a visual appeal to your project page.

Videography: Scripting, shooting and editing videos, be it for your product or your crowdfunding pitch video.

Storyboarding: Creating an audio-visual story around your campaign that communicates your brand message.

Animation: Using cool animation techniques and infographics to create awareness about your campaign.
With over 3 billion internet users all around the world, getting your target audience straight can be a daunting task. It essentially makes or breaks any crowdfunding campaign. Marketing your campaign to the wrong set of people can be a futile exercise after all. Audience management and monitoring could also turn out to be a tedious. We believe, it's best you focus on your creation and leave the rest to us. Jumpstart Guru does admirable work when it comes to micromanaging the audience for your crowdfunding campaign. We will breakdown your target audience from millions to thousands and then create a suitable strategy to amplify your campaign reach. With relevant information from your end and a little bit of assistance from ours, your crowdfunding campaign is sure to see daylight. We will help you with the following:

Targeting: Targeting the right set of audience for your crowdfunding campaign for online marketing.

Communication: Coming up with a detailed strategy for communicating with potential and existing backers.

PR: Helping your crowdfunding campaign in getting a press release, which amplifies your reach.
With every Tom, Dick and Harry on social media, this channel carries the biggest potential to spread your message, and put your idea across to millions of potential backers. With flowing content, crucial timing, to-the-point targeting, interesting rewards, and backing of your own community, your crowdfunding campaign gets the needed attention. It creates a buzz in the social media community. Jumpstart Guru is someone who can help you create this buzz by implementing the following:

Channel Strategy: Coming up with a detailed strategy for each social media channel.

Engagement Strategy: Posting on social media to maximize engagement with potential backers.

Organic Media: Posting on ZingoHub’s social media channels and amplifying organic reach.

Paid Media: Coming up with paid social media campaigns that increase your campaign's overall presence.
Now that you’ve successfully finished your crowdfunding campaign, you must be wondering where to go now! Well, Jumpstart Guru won’t let your efforts go to waste, and provides you the means to expand your business through retailing, merchandising and high-end research.

Research: Coming up with survey templates for you to get a better understanding of your market.

Retail: Helping you create a store on ZingoHub once you’re done with your Jumpstart campagin.

Merchandise: Strategizing the best opportunities to market and distribute your creation on a scale grander than ever.



Additional 2% charge on ZingoHub’s base commission.
Content Review
Design Review
Visual Review
Audience Targeting Planning
Social Media Planning


Additional 5% charge on ZingoHub’s base commission.
Content Conceptualization
Design Conceptualization
Visual Conceptualization
Audience Targeting Planning
Social Media Planning + Execution
Campaign Optimization
Campaign Page Theme
Press Release
Blog Feature
Business Research


Additional 3% charge on ZingoHub’s base commission.
Content Conceptualization
Design Conceptualization
Visual Conceptualization
Audience Targeting Planning
Social Media Planning

Success Stories

Hear from our fellow creators and innovators.

When I launched my crowdfunding campaign for music video, little did I know about how to structure the rewards and most importantly the campaign page itself. The Jumpstart Guru helped me with setting up my whole campaign from start to finish. It was a great learning experience for me and I had an awesome time working with the Team ZingoHub.
We already had on our hands an awesome product, but what we lacked is a kickass video that can bring out its use case. The excellent quality of visual services provided by Jumpstart Guru was something we at ZENE didn’t expect from an early stage start-up. With our uber cool video, we can now market our product freely in the digital market.
My writing pieces have got more than 200K online views worldwide. So, this time, I decided to publish my writing not online, but in the form of a physical book. I know my reader base very well, so all I needed was some assistance in launching my book as a pre-order. ZingoHub’s Jumpstart Guru was my go-to person who handled all aspects of my campaign in a very professional way.
ZingoHub’s Jumpstart Guru efficiently collaborated with our team to make a product video that brings out the user experience and the use case of our IoT tech product. We got on a call and detailed the Jumpstart Guru about our requirements. The final video we received was grand, and it exceeded our expectations. We will certainly recommend Jumpstart Guru to others.
Being involved in hard-core design, our team barely got a moment to understand the concept of Jumpstart. If not for the Guru, we wouldn’t have been able to launch our campaign with ease. We got assistance right from start to finish. We also received a well-planned social media calendar that guided us during our campaign interval.
The Jumpstart Guru helped us in getting market validation for our innovative product. Once we had readied the prototype, we needed a platform to showcase it to a wider community. After getting in touch with the Jumpstart Guru, our work was reduced significantly as all the aspects of the marketing and promotions were taken care of with ease.