You have an idea. Now what's next?

Raise funds on ZingoHub by launching a crowdfunding campaign to turn your idea into an awesome creation or an innovation.

You have an amazing innovation or product but you're not sure how your community will respond to it. So what should you do?

Launch tailored pre-order campaigns to gauge the response of early adopters who want to get their hands on your end-product.

You want to grow your community and engage in early sales. But how do you this?

Create your own storefront within ZingoHub and start selling your product directly to your customers.

At ZingoHub, we connect creators and innovators with our dedicated team to help you fulfil your dreams. Our campaign strategists, content specialists and marketing experts partner with you to ensure that your journey on ZingoHub has the potential to achieve the success it deserves. We don't just stop at the idea stage. We help you enhance your online presence by ensuring that you have a space where you can build a storefront to continue the journey from crowdfunding right through to selling!