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Meet Air – A smart device that connects you to your home. With Air, you get to lead life in an organized, safer and an energy efficient manner. Air smoothly integrates with your existing appliances so that you can control it with your fingertips via Air App. It saves energy, keeps your home safe and lets you control it from anywhere. 

The device requires no wiring at all and the installation is completely free. It can connect up-to 12 appliances across 4 switch-boards and is compatible with your existing appliances.
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How Air Works ?

  •  - Automate your room with an air starter kit.
  •  - Installation in just 30 minutes.
  •  - Connect up-to 12 appliances spread across 4 switchboards.
  •  - Control all the connected appliances with the help of Air mobile app

How Air Works


Air and Switchboard Module

Air starter kit comprises of two components, a sleek pentagonal-shaped unit called Air which goes on your wall accompanied by Switchboard Modules which sit behind your existing switchboards. The switchboard module enables your appliances to communicate with Air which acts as a connectivity hub, letting you control your appliances through the Air app.

Switchboard Module

Fitting Switchboard Module

The small switchboard modules easily fit behind your existing switchboards. It can connect to various appliances including your dimmable, non- dimmable, high wattage and low wattage appliances. It connects your appliances to Air through Bluetooth.



Installation - 3 Step Process

1. Schedule - Choose a date & time that is convenient for you and schedule for an installation.

2. Installation - On your selected time, Leaf-trained professionals will visit your house and install Air. Quick and easy, it roughly takes 30 minutes and no rewiring is required!

3. Take a tour - Get a guided tutorial on how to use Air and the Air app. That’s it, you’re set!

The installation is easy and its completely free. The switchboard modules fit snugly behind your existing switchboards, preserving your room’s interiors without any rewiring. Trained professionals from leaf will complete the installation in a quick and hassle-free manner and will guide you through the app as well. Once installed, you're good to go in 30 minutes.

Even if you're planning to relocate, Leaf Technologies has got you covered. They will take care of re-installation every time you move, up to 2 years from the date of purchase.  


How Air functions?

Air automatically discovers and connects all the switchboard modules to control them. It connects to the home router over Wi-Fi. This enables you to control the appliances from anywhere in the world and also enables all the intelligent features of Air.

Stay connected with your home from everywhere. Never say Goodbye to your home with Air. 

 Air functioning


  • Controlling Appliances - With Air, you get control of all the appliances just by your phone while still cozying up in your sofa. You can even turn your geyser on from your workplace just to find a perfect hot shower when you reach home.
  • Your home, Your mood, Your lights - The inbuilt dimmable units in Air allow you to control the intensity of lights from your app and helps in setting-up the perfect ambiance for your room.
  • Regulate your A.C temperature and fan speed from anywhere - Air is equipped with IR (Infrared) blasters which act as a universal remote, giving you the power to control all your appliances from just about anywhere from your phone. 
  • Works perfectly with all your existing household appliances - Air switchboard units and its in-built Wi-Fi capability make your appliances smart and let you control any device remotely from about anywhere.

Stay connected with your home from everywhere.

Air Control


Air is the easiest way to keep your home and loved ones secure.

  • Stranger danger - Air makes your home smarter by instantly letting you know if someone tries to breach your home. Air also keeps your appliances safe and secure even under a voltage fluctuation.
  • Get instant notifications of any unscheduled activity in your home - Once armed, “secure mode” by Air instantly notifies you concerning any breach in your home. Its motion along with presence detection sensors makes it a perfect burglar alarm.
  • Child Safety - Air app allows you to lock the appliances. Once an appliance is locked, it cannot be controlled physically till unlocked. So you can restrict children from high-voltage appliances like geysers, microwave or could just stop them from watching TV all day.
  • A fuse for each appliance - The switchboard modules also act as a fuse keeping your appliances safe even under a voltage spike. Safe Air

Energy Saving

Smart, affordable and energy saver. Air keeps you covered on all fronts.

  • Smart execution -  With Air, your home can take smart decisions such as turning off appliances while you are away, and keeps you updated with your current electricity bill and energy consumption. Not just updates, but Air guides you in bringing down excessive power consumption.
  • Save energy while you are away - The inbuilt sensors promptly detect real-time room occupancy, which allows Air to turn off all non-critical appliances while you're away, thereby saving energy.
  • Energy reports and weekly share in the bill - Energy meter in switchboard modules provides you not only the energy consumption but each week’s electricity bill as well.
  • Stay informed of your top power guzzling devices - Get a detailed report about most power consuming appliances in your Air app which includes their share in the bill, operating hours and carbon footprint.              

Energy Air


Give your home a chance to love you back, Air learns your appliance usage patterns and schedules your repetitive tasks.

  • Schedules Tasks - Air learns based on your daily tasks and automatically schedules them so that you save time. It  turns the geyser on before you wake up, it brews coffee for you while you're taking a bath, and switches on the A.C when you're on your way back home from office. Air learns your habits and tunes your appliances to make you feel more comfortable and safe.
  • Detects Presence in the room - Air has inbuilt PIR (Passive Infrared) sensors with an added layer of sophisticated algorithm which detects your presence even while you are snuggled up in your blanket and take decisions intelligently.
  • Single Tap Access - Air learns your preferences and based on current conditions in the room, turns ON your room in your most desired configuration with just one tap on the device.

 Learning Air

Inside Air - The technology used in making Air


  • Air is built with latest, open and secure wireless technologies. It has both Wifi and Bluetooth low energy radios to communicate with home appliances.
  • It can connect to other smart devices, so you can access all the appliances from one app.

Wireless Air



  • For the first time ever, capacitive touch has been introduced on any 3-Dimensional surface. 
  • A touchscreen is all too familiar. In a pioneering first, Air brings the power of a touch to mundane everyday surfaces with a proprietary technology. Imagine tapping on a wall unit to power on your A.C, fire up the mood lights and play your favorite track.

Touch Air



  • Another innovative first, Air detects presence in real time. 
  • With Air, presence can be accurately determined. While others might take more than 3 hours to probabilistically determine presence, Air can do this in near real time.

Motion Air


IR (Infrared) Control 

  • Air has the capability to manage all remote controlled appliances. 
  • Not all your appliances power up from the switchboard only and have additional remote interfaces - like your A.C. We have built a universal remote controller in Air to make all your remote controlled appliances work seamlessly. With a high-range and high-angle IR LED, Air gives you control of all your appliances no matter where you place it.

IR Air



  • Air keeps tabs on all that's happening to learn better
  • Air is built with temperature, humidity and brightness sensors to observe and learn precisely how you love to live and what your preferences are.

Sensor Air



Air dimensions


Get to experience the magic just as you expect it to happen. Transform your home into a smart home with Air by Leaf Technologies. 


 Package Air

The package includes -

  • - 1 X Air device adapter
  • - 4 X Switchboard modules with wire
  • - 4 X Dimmer unit with wires
  • - 4 X Switch unit with wires. 

The device requires no wiring at all, and is installed by trained professionals for free. It can connect up-to 12 appliances across 4 swtichboards and is compatible with your existing appliances.

Tech Specifications
Wireless Conectivityy
Single Band 2.4 GHz Wifi; 2.4 GHz transceiver
Capacitive touch with tap detection
Temperature, Humidity, Brightness, Motion
Power Consumption
Air Unit - 5W(max); Switchboard - 4W(max)
Weight (grams)
400 grams
83mm X 84mm X 20mm ( L X BX H )
Additional info
400 gms
Dimension Type:
83mm x 84mm x 20mm (LXBXH)

The Company warrants to the Buyer of this Device that this Device shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of delivery following the original retail purchase. If any defect arises during the Warranty Period to any of the following Peripherals of Air, the Company shall, repair or replace that particular part of defect free of cost. These Peripherals include:

- The Device Air, with its adapter.
- The Four Switchboard modules with wires.
- The Four Dimmable switch unit with wires.
- The Four Non-Dimmable switch unit with wires.

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