Corporate - Dad, Mom, Kids & GrandParents
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Corporate - Dad, Mom, Kids & GrandParents
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The Corporate Family - Dad, Mom, Kids & GrandParents Jquery Jagdeesh - Started out at the bottom of the ladder in a multinational, with some modest help from JQuery, Jagdeesh doesn’t get much time off his laptop. Python Pooja -terrified of snakes, she never thought she would be a champion at Python one day. With the magic of work from home, she is able to juggle her life far better of late. Facebook Femy - Its only been a year she has gotten into the social media circus. There isn’t a single platform she is not part of. iPod Ilyas - This upcoming gadget guru needs a gadget from sunrise to sunset. He can’t seem to conduct his daily activities without swiping or tweeting or twitching. iPad Ammachi - Ammachi can’t retire to bed without the ritualistic skype session with her elder daughter in the States. CandyCrusher Chakravarthi - After his arthritis has cut short his walking routine. This former marathon runner keeps himself amused gaining levels in Candy Crush.
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100 gms
Dimension Type:
7.62 X 12.7 X 0.2 Cms
Wet Sticking Technique:
- Clean the windshield or dark coloured body panel thoroughly where you intend to place the stickers. This will avoid air bubbles while sticking.
- Roughly estimate the position of each sticker. Make sure the surface is not hot; also avoid retractable windows and wiper blades.
- Each sticker is cut from the bottom so that it sticks easily in a straight line.
- Generously wet the area with water where you intend to place the stickers.
- This is a wet sticking process so the adhesive will not be affected by water.
- Peel the first sticker from the transfer sheet. Place the sticker on the wet surface and position it accordingly. Hold the sticker in place and squeeze out any air bubbles with your fingers.
- Let the sticker dry and then proceed to next sticker by wetting the surface and repeat the previous steps.
- Suitable for exterior stickering.
- Easy to apply.
- Easy to remove.
- Fade resistant.
- Scratch resistant.
- Water resistant.

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