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Men’s Wallet

Wallet for men is an essential piece of accessory. It helps manage everyday essentials like credit cards, money, ID cards and more. Thus, owning a men’s wallet is essential. There are different types of wallets available based on what you require. Some of the basic types of men’s wallets are:

Bi-Fold Men's Wallet

A bi-fold wallet for men is usually a standard pattern available in most designer wallets, sports wallets, branded wallets and more. The bi-fold wallet for men is more like a flip wallet which folds from the center only once. Bi-fold Men’s wallet has a slot for cash and a few slots for your cards. Usually there is no space for loose change, but some men’s wallets have a small coin pouch.

Tri-Fold Men's Wallet

The tri-fold wallet for men has three folds. Usually there are a few slots for your cards in the wallet. There a zipper on one side and this can be used to keep loose change. There is a compartment for money. A tri-fold men’s wallet is usually bulkier than a bi-fold men’s wallet.

Money Clip

The money clip is more of a style statement than a necessity for men. A money clip is a small metal clip which holds a few cards and folded money. The money clip provides easy access to your necessary items. However, one cannot carry a lot of items with a money clip. Money clips can be customized with the owner’s name initials or any other pattern. Cardholder: A cardholder for men is usually a very slim and tiny wallet. The cardholder has a few slots for cards. One can also put folded money into the pocket. This wallet for men is useless if you prefer using plastic money instead of traditional paper money.

Coin Holder Wallet

A coin holder wallet or a zipper wallet for men is mainly designed to accommodate loose change. This men’s wallet has fewer slots and compartments, hence it may not be handy for daily use. However, a coin holder wallet for men is usually small. Thus, it easily fits into one’s pockets.

Cheque Book Wallet

The cheque book wallet for men is a great option for travelling. This men’s wallet has space to accommodate your travel tickets, passport, cheque book, money and much more. The wallet also has slots for cards. Since this men’s wallet is rectangular in shape it will not fit into your pant pockets like your regular men’s wallet. The cheque book wallet for men can be carried if you have an inside pocket in your coat or jacket to fit it. These wallets are available in various colors, prints and patterns. The most popular colors for men’s wallets are black, chocolate brown, tan, and dark blue. One can also opt for different types of wallets like designer wallets, printed wallets, branded wallets and more. Men’s wallets are generally made from leather, but there are multiple options available in synthetic material, canvas or cloth and more.