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Men’s Footwear

Footwear for men is a basic need. The shoes you wear can make or break your look. A versatile, fashionable and personalized footwear closet helps define you and your personality. Thus, investing in good quality men’s footwear is a must. There are hundreds of designs and style one can choose from in men’s footwear. Here a few basic pairs every man should invest in. Shoes: Shoes for men can be formal or informal. A good pair of shoes is a great conversation starter. One can opt from a variety of shoes for men, available in different designs and patterns. There are casual shoes for men, which are informal and perfect for evening wear or weekends. These include Loafers, Moccasins, Slip on shoes and more. Another footwear essential for men are Men's formal shoes. One can opt from different designs like the oxford or dress shoes in leather or synthetic material.

Men's Sneakers

Sneakers are comfortable, sturdy and fashionable if worn appropriately. Men’s Footwear closet must have a pair of basic sneakers. One can pair sneakers with baggy denims and a round neck t-shirt in a solid color like black, grey, white or blue. Sneakers are a great option for your regular day to day activities like walking your dog, picking up groceries or jogging. If you are an athlete then you can opt for athletic sneakers which provide greater support and flexibility.

Men's Flipflops

Flipflops are perfect beachwear men’s footwear. Pair colorful flipflops with a printed round neck t-shirt and shorts for a day on the beach. Flip flops can also be casually worn indoors. Flipflops are comfortable and look great with casual shorts. One can choose from a range of flip flops available in various colors, prints, material and designs. From designer leather flip flops to regular rubber ones, flip flops are available in all styles and sizes.

Men's Boots

There are several variants of boot available for men. These include dress boots, work boots, chukkas, duck boots and more. Chukkas are semi-formal boots which can be worn for any social event like office parties or lunches. Work boots are heavy duty boots which are more sturdy, comfortable and flexible when compared to other types of boots. One can purchase custom made boots to give your outfit an edge. Dress boots is more of a fashion accessory which can be paired with a biker jacket during winter. Classic dress shoes in leather can also be paired with denims and a casual shirt for a casual evening date.