Indian - Dad, Mom, Son, Daughter & Baby
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Indian - Dad, Mom, Son, Daughter & Baby
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The Indian Family Sticker designs stickers for the Indian Family. This set includes The Indian Family - Dad, Mom, Son, Daughter & Baby Regular Ranjith - he is just a regular guy as regular as they come. Does very regular things which every regular one of us does MultiTasking Mamatha - she is a master of multi tasking, juggling home, work and kids in the 24 hours she gets. To top it all she has taken over the role of residents association secretary which she says is most challenging among all the things she’s upto. Lost Lucy - Lucy lives in her own world, a world with without homework or housework or RSS. A wonderful place it is. Spikey Mikey - the typical city boy clad in his oversized Bulls jersey and Air Jordans is either throwing ball in the courts or playing GTA at home. Dundulu Baby - a newborn everyone goes dundulu about.
Additional info
100 gms
Dimension Type:
7.62 X 12.7 X 0.2 Cms
Wet Sticking Technique:
- Clean the windshield or dark coloured body panel thoroughly where you intend to place the stickers. This will avoid air bubbles while sticking.
- Roughly estimate the position of each sticker. Make sure the surface is not hot; also avoid retractable windows and wiper blades.
- Each sticker is cut from the bottom so that it sticks easily in a straight line.
- Generously wet the area with water where you intend to place the stickers.
- This is a wet sticking process so the adhesive will not be affected by water.
- Peel the first sticker from the transfer sheet. Place the sticker on the wet surface and position it accordingly. Hold the sticker in place and squeeze out any air bubbles with your fingers.
- Let the sticker dry and then proceed to next sticker by wetting the surface and repeat the previous steps.
- Suitable for exterior stickering.
- Easy to apply.
- Easy to remove.
- Fade resistant.
- Scratch resistant.
- Water resistant.

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