Jarry - New Life to Old Jars
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Convert your jars into cool mugs using Jarry. Jarry is a custom made plastic handle that can be fastened to bottles/jars of different sizes & shapes using a silicone band.
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Jarry was an idea that stemmed from the worthlessness of glass jars that are emptied off jam, pickle or honey. It is really heart-breaking to watch them being dumped in a bin and sentenced to a life of exile in a junkyard. Reusing these as containers for spices or buttons is certainly not the only way to bring it to life. We believe that the productivity of these jars can be enhanced if laced up with innovative remodeling. Hence, we came up with this idea of using these as coffee/tea mugs.

Jarry Idea

How to upcycle used jars as coffee/tea mugs and also have cookies?

After studying these jars, we noticed that their sizes and shapes resembled to that of tea/coffee mugs. The only thing missing was a comfortable handle and good styling. To provide an exquisite finish to Jarry, the next thing we did was flood our studio with designs and sketches of the glass jars attached to sturdy handles. Our main aim was to make it appear purposeful and presentable. 

Jarry handle

Fashioned a handle from an old plastic mug

We got a breakthrough in the form of silicone bands that are used in bluetooth speakers. These strong and durable elastic bands seemed the right choice because of the extensive range of colors, designs, shapes and sizes that it provides us. We jumped right in and made our first prototype by cutting out a cheap plastic cup and stripping silicone bands off an inoperative bluetooth speaker. This prototype served as a full proof of the emerging concept and allowed us to discover uses that we had never thought of. For instance, the lid of the jar can be used as a coaster and a saucer, and can also be used to close the jar to store hot beverages and as well as a take-away container for the beverage.

 Jarry Design

Strong & durable silicone bands.

 Jarry Design

Silicone bands fits jars & bottles of all shapes and sizes.

The silicone bands were a wonderful idea to couple with the handles as it perfectly fit jars of all shapes and sizes. On giving it out to people as a beta version of our product, we were even more surprised by the unique utility they were coming up with. The jars easily became holders of paint brushes, pet plants, fish bowls, marbles and creativity tagged with imagination.

 Jarry - Uses

Coffee Mug / Tea Mug / Coaster / Cookie Holder / ...

We were really inspired by the enthusiasm of the creative community and decided to give a green light to engineer the product to perfection. Important measures were taken to ensure the lowest manufacturing cost without compromising on the quality of design and stylish appearance. We firmly believe that good design should be affordable and democratized, so we worked closely with tool makers to achieve the optimum solution and chose the right kind of materials to achieve efficacy and affordability at once.

 Jarry - Product

Jarry - Plastic Handle with Silicone band.

 Jarry - Fits any jar


 Jarry - Take away


 Jarry - Better when shared


Jarry - Six pop colors

So if you're the kind of person who is brave enough to venture into unknown territory and are not coy to try out quirky products, we promise not to disappoint you. Together, we can empower people to inspire by design and take a step towards a sustainable planet. Your support will encourage us to come up with innovative ideas and products that can pave the way for our future generations. In alliance, we can join this adventure of limitless upcycling and restyling. We hope to walk shoulder to shoulder with you and embrace the beginning of a sustainable earth.

Jarry - Stand out from the crowd

Gemklip Team

Team (front to back): Gauthier Raguin, Karthik Mahadevan (designer of Jarry), and Shanavas MS

Additional info
Food Grade Plastic and Silicone
Please bear in mind that the handle colors may look slightly different in the final product.

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