Malayali - Dad, Mom, Kids & GrandParents
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Malayali - Dad, Mom, Kids & GrandParents
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The Malayali Family - Dad, Mom, Kids & GrandParents Chayakutty Charlie - His life in Cherthala revolves around his evening tea and snacks where his relationship with pazham pori seems to be getting a little out of hand. Kodapidicha Jincy - A classic 9 - 5er Jincy can be mostly found complaining of the bus service. Come rain, shine, perverts or dogs, she's got her trustworthy shield in her Popy Kuda. Padipist Dixcy - When she is not topping her essay and debate competitions, Dixcy has a strange little weakness for American chopsuey. Pandhkali Pappu - After the ruling party disallowed planting of pulses on a a paddy field, the empty fields have turned into football grounds bringing out the Ronaldo in Pappu. Ammamma - Ammama was secretly hoping she would be relieved of Kitchen duties once the kids grow up. Not to be. Saghavu Bala - In his hey days Bala was active campaigner in his party, off late he is really disappointed with his son’s apolitical IT lifestyle
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