Mustard Honey (Unprocessed)
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This irresistible combination of mustard and honey is perfect for salad dressing; makes a perfect barbecue sauce when you're busy grilling some scrumptious meat. Along with tantalizing our taste buds, this apt combination has plentiful health benefits.

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Mustard Honey by Honey R Us is so smooth and fine that it tickles your taste buds and leaves an everlasting aftertaste. Mustard Honey is so titillating and delicious that almost all of it gets exported. So, what else is new? Let it settle for a bit and the result is 50% liquid and 50% granular crystallization. In India, we export everything that is simply awesome. As consumers we don’t get that benefit. For instance the finest Riesling wines (Dry White Wines) in Germany are not found anywhere in the world except in Germany.

Infused Mustard Honey

Unprocessed in Nature

Honey R Us Unprocessed honeys (honeys that are preserved with enzymes and antibacterial properties) have no shelf life. What starts out as Honey ends up in alcohol!  If that’s not magical, we don’t know what is. The remarkable antibacterial properties they carry does well in ways we are yet to fully comprehend, but we can come to know of its benefits by the look and feel after consuming or applying Unprocessed Honey.

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) stipulates that processed honeys can be likened to refined sugar.

Honey R Us aims to bring India’s finest, which arguably is also world’s finest, honeys to your households.  We do one better, we have invested a great deal in R&D so that you get the best out of our honeys. A lot of us travel a great deal across the globe, but do our families, our children?  Do they know the things they can cherish from these little creatures?

Not all honeys are created equal. Generally, those readily available in the market are ones that are either blended or processed or both. The sanctity of a single variety is lost. One could argue that mild flower honeys are high in medicinal value, but once thrown in together with other processed honeys, what value is left?

Infused Mustard Honey

Bees in Nature – Angels of Agriculture

The count is nearly impossible to keep track of.  There are flowers that blossom in the summer, autumn, winter, spring and so on. Out of the 25,000 bee species, 9 are honey bees out of which 6 are in India that forage on these flowers. Impressed yet?

The symbiosis lies in the bees’ effort to gather pollen and nectar among the flowers and make honey out of them. Not all bees go to all flowers, not all bees collect nectar. The queen can live up to several years where as worker bees die within 60 days. Mind boggled yet?

Did you know that it takes a million miles of foraging to bring you 500 grams of honey?  In our jar of 350 grams, the bees would have collectively travelled 700,000 miles!

Infused Mustard Honey

Seasonal in Nature

Seasonal Unprocessed Honeys is our specialty. Our honeys come in season, and after the season is over, our honeys too get done. Sure we keep some bottles to reach out to those who have their favourites with us.

We have always been advised to eat what's in season. These days, that wisdom is lost with agricultural produce coming in from all parts of the country and the world to feed our ever growing appetite and disposable incomes. Many hybrid species, some varieties taken from one state to another etc. We eat vegetables and fruits when not in season, thanks to climate controlled technologies. Gone are the days when a particular season offers certain volumes and at the end of it, it’s all over and we wait in anticipation. We bring that back!

Mustard Honey

Honey R Us in Nature

Honey R Us wanted to bring a product into the market that was versatile, unique and good / safe to eat. Something you can eat or apply without having to change the way you lived. Applying our Honeys to face is a fantastic rejuvenator, refresher and antibacterial. Eating Honey before going to bed is known to improve sleep, some known to cleanse the liver, some to improve skin texture, some known to soothe cough and improve sleep in children, above the age of 1. All of it naturally and as nature intended it to be.

This is what we wanted our consumers to experience; hundreds of flowers,  what nature has to offer at its best, the vast ecology without having to go out there and getting it. Let us bring you a part of ecological diversity from these angels of agriculture to you. Our breadth and depth of knowledge to help you enjoy our Honeys so that you truly enjoy making it a part of your daily life, from the time you wake up till the time you go to bed.

If your honey doesn’t taste, look, and feel different each time, you aren't eating the right kind of Honey.

Honey R Us, any fresher, the bees would keep it to themselves.

Infused Mustard Honey


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