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The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is increasingly becoming a topic of conversation both at workplace and home. It’s a concept that not only has the potential to impact our lives but also the way we work. With our Jumpstart and pre-order campaign, we at ZingoHub take the initiative to make available, the most innovative tech products for our customers at the touch of their fingertips.

Cooey - Health IoT

Cooey is an end-to-end health monitoring IoT platform for antenatal and chronic patients that helps them manage their health vitals and recurring medication requirements. With the help of technology and Internet of Things, Cooey is attempting to bridge the gap between doctor and patient through a digital platform for chronic patient health management.

Who can Launch on ZingoHub?


If you’re looking to pioneer a creation be it an art project, a music album, a short film, or a design product, your creation finds a home at ZingoHub.


If you have new methods, ideas or products that can bring about a positive change in the world, ZingoHub is the place for you.

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Grow your brand and innovate your existing catalogue.


Launch crowdfunding projects for your kickass idea or creation.


Test out your tech prototype that can change the way we live our lives.

Jumpstart Guru

Allow our crowdfunding experts to guide you through out your project.


Make use of Edge - our resource blog, and master the tools of the trade.

Global Exposure

Join hands with our global community and place yourself on the world map.

How to Jumpstart on ZingoHub?

Registering on ZingoHub was certainly a good decision for me and it has worked out really well when it comes to sales. I feel that every product has a story behind it, and with ZingoHub, I got a chance to share my brand story and the story behind the manufacturing of each of my products with my customers. People now-a-days are interested in what we as vendors have to offer other than just products, and that’s what ZingoHub helps me to achieve and deliver to my customers.

Being an experienced online writer, I have come up with a lot of short stories that my readers love. My writing pieces have crossed 200,000 views worldwide, so finding early adopters for my book was not a daunting task after all. All I needed was a platform that would help me set-up a campaign for my new book called Calestia. With ZingoHub's Jumpstart Guru feature, I got all the assistance I was looking for, right from start to finish. My pre-order campaign page was set-up within minutes, and now I can reach out to a diverse community of audience.

The best part about registering on ZingoHub is that I get my own storefront. It is my personal store space which is dedicated only to my products and showcases my brand effectively. The organisation is spot on and uploading products on the vendor portal is extremely easy. With a customised url and a dedicated space for my online store, now I’m sure that my customers will not get lost like they used to in an overcrowded and unorganized market place.