Cooey - Smart Blood Pressure Monitor
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  • Easy to use smart blood pressure and heart rate monitoring device.
  • Connects to your smartphone and enables storing of health vitals along with ease of access, analysis, and sharing of medical data with your healthcare provider.
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Cooey Smart Blood Pressure Monitor is an easy-to-use blood pressure monitoring device. It can store, record and analyse your blood pressure and heart rate. Once synced, the vitals measured are transferred automatically to the Cooey mobile app.

Cooey - Pairing with smart phone application

The app sends all health vitals, lab reports and medicinal information to a centralized cloud storage system on the Internet. With the help of this information, a unique patient profile is created and Cooey sends out customized recommendations based on this unique profile. It can alert the patient and caretaker when there is a marked variability in vital stats.

Cooey - In action

Cooey also allows sharing of the data with your healthcare provider. This enables the healthcare providers to reach out to patients with personalised recommendations and services.

Free Health Management Platform with additional benefits for one year

Selected as one of the top innovative and successful IoT (Internet of Things) companies in India, Cooey is a complete online healthcare management portal.

Cooey addresses recurring healthcare service requirements of chronic patients thereby bridging the gap between patients and doctors/hospitals. Some of the services include enabling patients and their loved ones to collect, manage and analyse health vitals along with automated updating of patients’ medical records. Cooey has tie-ups with several homecare service providers, health insurance companies and medical labs. Soon, Cooey will be introducing its hyper localized services which will enable patients to search for labs and hospitals nearest to them.

Features of Cooey Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Measures systolic/diastolic pressure and pulse readouts. Detects pulse irregularities through Irregular Heartbeat Detector (IHD).
  • Seamless integration via bluetooth allows data synchronisation with Android application. (Supports Bluetooth 4.0)
  • Medical records are logged in web portal and mobile application.
  • ‘Alert system’ to remind the patients of their medications.
  • Ultra-slim Design with a height of 13.2MM. Easily fits into a travel kit.
  • Includes a rechargeable lithium battery that runs for around 20 days without the need for charging, if measurement is carried out 3 times per day.
  • High quality products which meets CE, ROHS, PAHS and REACH certificates.
  • Precession Sensors with Measuring While Inflating (MWI) technology. Equipped with advanced MEMS pressure sensors and automatic pump up.
  • The device comes with a two year guarantee which entitles you to a product replacement in case of any manufacturing defects.

Features of Cooey Health Manager Mobile App

  • Requires Android 4.0 with Bluetooth.
  • Logs your blood pressure data.
  • Reminds you to monitor your or your loved ones’ blood pressure regularly and share the data with your doctor and your loved ones.
  • Track your entire family’s health by creating multiple profiles.
  • Use our web-portal to remotely monitor your loved ones and have detailed analysis of their health profiles.
  • Your doctor can monitor your health from Cooey’s doctor’s portal.
  • Receive smart tips according to your current health profile.
  • In-built alert system to remind patients of their medications
Cooey - Features of Cooey Health Manager (App)

Why choose Cooey?

  • Ambulatory care and personalisation - Measures, alerts and reports the most important vitals. This patient’s data is accessed by your doctor for accurate diagnosis
  • Fulfils your recurring needs – Enabled alerts remind you to order medicines before you run out of stock or when you need to visit the doctor.
  • High Accuracy - Cooey offers great quality and high levels of accuracy when it comes to measurements.
  • Aesthetic design – Our quality products are designed and crafted to perfection.
  • Personalized tips – Special recommendations and tips given to the patient based on the analysis of the patient’s medical profile.

Brand Story

When his daughter was diagnosed with pneumonia, Manu Madhusudanan, CEO and Co-Founder of Cooey Technologies, was worried as there was no mechanism to constantly monitor her health vitals (pulse rate, temperature, respiration rate, blood pressure, etc.) and share this home-logged data with the doctor in charge. He faced the same issue when his mother was suffering from hypertension. He also noticed that there is a complete disconnect between the patient and the doctor, once the patient gets discharged from the hospital. With the help of technology and Internet of Things, Manu is attempting to bridge this gap. Cooey is a digital platform for chronic /recurring patient health management that offers end to end services while bridging the gap between patient and doctor.

Cooey derived its name from a peculiar sound uttered by Australian aborigines as a call to attract attention. The objective is to make the medical fraternity aware of its IoT based products which can be vital in addressing issues related to chronic disease management. Proudly designed in India, Cooey – a digital platform for chronic patient health management, is striving hard to ensure that health monitoring is accessible to everyone.

Cooey - Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

Power supply
3.7V 1000mAH Built-in rechargeable li-polymer battery, 6V 1A AC Adaptor
Display mode
Blue LCD with White Backlight V.A.= 86.1mm(L) x24mm(W)
Measurement mode
Oscillographic testing mode
Measurement range
Measurement pressure: 5.3kPa-30.7kPa(40mmHg-230mmHg) Rated cuff pressure: 0kPa-40kPa (0mmHg-300mmHg) pulse value:(40-199)beat/minute
Pressure: 5°C-40°C within ±0.4kPa(3mmHg) pulse value:±5%
Normal working condition
Temperature:5°C to 40°C
Relative humidity: ≤ 85%RH
Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa to 106kPa
Storage & transportation condition
Temperature:-20°C to 60°C
Relative humidity: 10%RH to 93%RH
Atmospheric pressure: 50kPa to 106kPa
Measurement perimeter of the upper arm
About 22cm-32cm
Net Weight
Approx.265 g
External dimensions
Approx.130.9mm × 73mm × 29.4mm
AC Adaptor, user manual
Mode of operation
Continuous operation
Degree of protection
Type BF applied part
Protection against ingress of water
IP22, It means the device could protected against solid foreign objects of 12.5 mm and greater, and against vertically falling water drops when ENCLOSURE tilted up to 15°
Software version
Device classification
Battery Powered Mode: Internally Powered ME Equipment
AC Adaptor charged Mode: Class II ME Equipment

Download device operation manual

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Cooey is an end to end family health monitoring platform that records, stores and analyzes health vitals for chronic patients.